Cysts are enclosed sacs found within the skin containing fluids or semi-solid material. The location and composition of the cyst lining differentiates one from another. The most common types of cysts found in the skin including epidermal (sebaceous) cysts, trichilemmal (pilar) cysts, and milia. They can often be confused with another benign growth called a lipoma, which is derived from fat tissue.

Cysts do not necessarily require treatment, but can be effectively drained or surgically removed if symptomatic, infected, or cosmetically bothersome. If you suspect you have a cyst, please contact us today for your evaluation and treatment options.

“Dr. Husain is an amazing cosmetic surgeon. He has far exceeded my expectations each time I have had a procedure performed. His artistic eye combined with exemplary surgical skills make for a perfect result every visit.”

– Clare Morison

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