Pediatric Dermatology

A child-focus approach to skincare makes NJDAC the premier choice to treat a wide spectrum of pediatric dermatologic conditions.

Exceptional Care For Children & Adolescents

Dr. Husain and the team at New Jersey Dermatology & Aesthetics Center are experts in caring for the skin health of your children. Our approach is to listen to and actively engage both the child and the parent to develop an appropriate dermatologic treatment plan. You can rely on our dermatologists to treat your child for a variety of pediatric skin conditions, including hemangiomas, vascular or pigmented birthmarks, eczema, warts and acne. Our team has both the experience and qualifications to treat your child from birth through adolescence using the latest science, technology, and treatments.
Hemangiomas are vascular growths that are most often benign and can develop in infants. In some cases, ie- if the hemangioma is growing larger, monitoring these lesions may be advisable.
Pigmented birthmarks are caused by an overproduction of melanocytes that create pigment. Common pigmented birthmarks include cafe au lait spots and congenital nevi. Diagnosis and treatment are based on size, location, and other symptoms (irritation, bleeding etc). To have your child’s skin lesions evaluated, please call 732-702-1212.
Eczema, or Atopic Dermatitis, is a common skin condition seen in children, including infants. The condition appears as rough, red patches that may be itchy and inflamed. The skin’s barrier function becomes impaired, causing dryness and itchiness. The severity of the condition varies from patient to patient and may have comorbidities such as asthma and allergies. Treatments depend on the individual, please contact our office to have your child’s condition evaluated
Warts are benign skin growths that appear when the human papillomavirus (HPV) infects skin cells. They can vary in appearance, color, and texture. Anyone can potentially develop warts upon exposure to the virus, as it is contagious. However, some people are more prone to forming them due to variations in immunity. Treatment for warts varies and can include minor surgery with liquid nitrogen or other instruments and medication. Molluscum Contagiosum is also a viral skin condition that occurs when exposed to poxvirus. The infection is contagious and a common pediatric condition. Lesions present as small, round bumps across the body. Severity depends from patient to patient. Treatment options include doing nothing (in some cases the outbreak can disappear over time), liquid nitrogen, or topical medication. Please contact us to make your child’s appointment today.
“Dr. Husain is an amazing cosmetic surgeon. He has far exceeded my expectations each time I have had a procedure performed. His artistic eye combined with exemplary surgical skills make for a perfect result every visit.”

– Clare Morison

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